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Whether you are a new solopreneur starting a home-based business; an inventor with a unique technology; an entrepreneurial team launching a new venture project; an early-stage enterprise in need of credit facilities to finance operations, production and order fulfillment; or a small to medium-sized business either in growth mode (needing equity or a new credit line to make acquisitions, market a new product, or to expand your facilities and operations), or a company in trouble (pre-Chapter 11, or in Chapter 11, [Debtor-In-Possession]) with a need to refinance and restructure, WE CAN HELP.
We ARE Global Edge Capital Partners, and we can finance capital requirements from as little as $5,000 to as much as $500 million.
We provide our Clients with either debt or equity, either alone, or in combination, as the circumstances warrant.  We will entertain lump sum payments, credit lines, ongoing facilities, and progress payments.  We can even provide immediate cash in exchange for legal settlements, annuities owed you, or court judgments. 
Our scope is international, but at least one of the entities with an interest in the transaction to be financed should preferably be domiciled within the United States.
We also structure and arrange asset-based financing, discounting, leases and sale/leaseback transactions, as well as uncollateralized business loans in those cases where a well-established history of payments and profitability exists.
Our financial accommodations can be secured by various types of collateral, including, but not limited to: purchase orders, accounts receivable (domestic or international, corporate or governmental), individual invoices, inventory, warehouse receipts, equipment, rolling stock, real estate and a variety of financial instruments (such as stocks, bonds, annuities, structured settlements, certificates of deposit, standby letters of credit and the like).
Our resources are virtually limitless, and our principals have extensive experience with virtually every type of financing transaction.  We are endlessly creative, and our principal passion is to solve problems and find solutions so that we can make our Clients’ deals happen.
At GEBC, our role may be that of investor, lender, broker, consultant or syndicator – whichever is most appropriate in the Client’s special circumstances.
Simply complete the Confidential Financing Request Form below, and permit us up to two business days for the appropriate individual representative to contact you in order to discuss your immediate and anticipated requirements in detail with you. 
We’re delighted and honored to be of service.
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